Working remotely is the dream for many. It saves the hours of pointless travel to work and provides the flexibility to work ate one’s own pace. However, an unintended consequence is the shrinking of social life. The office space has become by default a second home to many, so a key social link goes missing when working remotely. Yes, there are periodic conference calls, plus there are genuine attempts at socializing, but it feels forced. The Katzenbach Center has studied many such cases to come up with solutions on how companies can bring back that element of socializing while continuing the remote work system, as it undoubtedly brings a lot of benefits. One needs to build virtual teams by fostering a sense of empathy within. Impromptu connections need be encouraged. An agile talent management system must be put in place to counter the usual rigidity. Slowly and steadily the habits of professionals may be changed by closing such interpersonal gaps.


Uploaded Date:15 September 2018

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