Conventional management literature has prioritized positivity and suppressing one’s emotions at the workplace. Especially in the case of those who are visibly distress, they are viewed as incompetent. Yet, latest research indicates that letting it out in the name of passion is preferable in few cases. Tesla founder Elon Musk is one such advocate of displaying passion and emotion. A study conducted by professors from Universities of – Michigan, Harvard and Cornell – have deduced that men displaying such emotion have been judged more harshly than women. Disguising emotion as passion is a productive tactic, especially in talent recruitment. More than two-thirds of those experimented on tended to recruit candidates expressing themselves as “passionate”, in contrast to less than half of those who wrote “emotional” being selected. Some companies such as Bain and Starbucks have taken a further step, referring to passion as a key trait they look in their employees. Excess emotional sanitization or show of positivity can hinder fostering genuine connect.


Uploaded Date:27 June 2018

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