A number of companies want to change their corporate culture, so start off by altering their mission and vision statements. Unsurprisingly, this has not been seen as effective, as quite often the statements do not translate in to real action. Thus, some lessons have been identified on the smooth incorporation of changes to the corporate culture. First of all, the changes cannot be made from the outside. So, the leadership needs to have people who are the fixers, or the insiders. The corporate strategy document remains merely so, without hands- on interference. A lot of companies end up not living up to the values stated on the documents. So, merely having them on these documents is no sign of eventual execution. A lot of programmes are initiated on the sur- of- the- moment when the decisions are made. While these programmes may be effective for a start, they are often doomed to failure, thanks to the employees’ assumptions, that those won’t remain permanent.


Uploaded Date:11 May 2019

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