War sites used to be the exclusive haunt among travelers of photojournalists. This was because such images primarily appeared on foreign affairs or crime journals. Now the trend has changed with war tourism fetching in the moolah in several parts of the globe, not least the ones most affected by war in recent times. It raises ethical questions, when tragedies get monetized. But for countries such as Bosnia-Herzegovina with a spiraling youth unemployment rate, there is little other option. Travelers can now visit war memorials such as Mostar where memorabilia has been crafted out of Kalashnikov shells or grenades. There is also the Sarajevo War Hospital and the city of Vukovar in neighbouring Croatia. The latter has positioned itself as a sun-and-sea destination with sites such as the Bay of Kutor, Plitvice lakes and Dubrovnik. Such business innovation around war or dark tourism is paying off, with number of travelers to Bosnia having diametrically shot up. Major travel sources remain Iran, Turkey, Italy and Germany.


Uploaded Date:17 February 2018

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