Information overload is a constant right now. Newsfeeds and emails clog up the human brain, but the best of professionals have evolved ways to manage this deluge. Some such methods have been listed down. A mental vacuum cleaner needs to be put in place so that the default mode can be changed to suit present, most critical of needs. Even un-focus breaks help at such times. A filter on a container is also helpful as it weeds of unnecessary short term information. The concept of Too Much Information (TMI) leads to reactive filtering but a more proactive approach is needed. The brain must also mend disparate data to connect the data and develop meaningful innovations. It must process something of data warehousing by cementing relevant memories. A garbage disposal is also needed to weed out items that need to be forgotten, yet the brain normally refuses to. This is particularly troubling as one gets older. Another important task the brain should be able to process is recycling. Frequent exercise such as yoga can prove to be the stimulus the brain requires as it takes up a fifth of the body’s energy in spite of only using a mere two percent of the its volume.


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