Talent recruitment was changed forever by the use of the internet, since it came to the picture with the Monster Board going live in 1994. Ever since, job aggregators, search engines, LinkedIn, job boards and the use of social media has further digitized it. HR tech solutions have also come in to the picture connecting employers to employees. The ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is one such useful version of this. Now, it is set to get further disrupted thanks to the emergence of another suite of technologies. It includes the likes of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data. These skills will require another lot of people to fulfil, as prophesied in the PwC 2017 CEO Survey. More than three-fourths of CEOs surveyed fear that skill shortages could seriously hinder their company’s growth. These technologies can reduce the mundane and repetitive workload so humans can focus on the more creative aspects of hiring. The scheduling of phone calls and face-to-face interviews gets simplified. Semantic issues may also be identified and unwanted human bias common during hiring get eliminated.


Uploaded Date:10 August 2018

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