While most leaders by definition aspire to lead high-performing teams, often it is beyond their control. A case in point is when managers inherit mediocre performers. Turning around mediocrity is in fact one of the greatest tests for talent management, so four steps have been identified to lead the turnaround. First of all, evidence must be shown on how poor performances have beset the team leading to grave consequences. Each time, targets are to be drawn up on turning around performance, quantifiable measures must be shown up as established by the President of Liberia. Another important step is to establish a high sense of peer-based accountability. In the lowest of teams, accountability is almost missing, while in the mediocre teams it all emanates from the boss. But the best ones are those where peers support and rate each other as is common among several female dominated Self-Help Groups. Finally, as the team leader, it is imperative that gaps are openly pointed out. Rectifying group fallacies is a tougher task than weeding out individual mistakes.


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