There are certain factors hindering the fruition of creativity at organizations. Especially true about the American mindset is a near blind belief in government policies where people want these to work. Unfortunately, in the real world, none of the policies can have instant results, they require time to bed. Thus there is zero tolerance for bugs to be weeded out gradually. There is also a generational issue. It was expected that the millennial generation would embrace business innovations with greater zest, yet they seem quite reluctant. Many of the younger people already face a lot of fear indoctrinated and cannot afford any failure. Although things are gradually improving, yet it is very difficult to promote creative thinking at an early age because youngsters do not generally appreciate ambiguity, so a uniform code needs to be adopted to some extent. With time and changing technology, it will be all the more important to induce creativity among people in order to increase productivity. A lot of changes may not be desirable to all the groups, but nonetheless they will make an impact.


Uploaded Date:02/06/2017

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