Due to the digital nature of modern workplaces, employees across the board are struggling with work-life balance. There is the constant pressure of work through the connected environment so people are constantly under the scrutiny of work. Management consulting giant Ernst & Young has outlined through its latest research that a full third of full-time employees surveyed revealed a struggle to them is where incremental changes are made, while the other focuses on the bigger picture. In the first approach, adopted by The Glint and Rakuten Marketing, a community feeling is being fostered at the workplace. People must feel the connect so common spaces have been designated and days earmarked for fun, social events among employees. They are being encouraged to go home with a free mind and not carry work. The other approach tries to rectify from the very route through three steps. They listen to employee recommendations, leverage existing solutions for business advantage and get all employees hooked to the work process. At such places, the talent recruitment is particularly crucial so that there is the correct match between organization and employee culture. The likes of BMS Software, DISYS, Siegel + Gale and Omega have adopted this technique.


Uploaded Date: 19/6/2017

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