A recent study has found out that more than merely the personality of the entrepreneur in question, the success or not of any organization is largely much more democratic. It depends on the entire force as well as something unseen – destiny. All entrepreneurs, indeed all people generally hold a default position, to step beyond the controllable factors is entrepreneurship of a type. Among entrepreneurs, there are explorers, drivers and analysts. Mark Zuckerberg may be defined as an explorer as he set in motion an innovation which got perfected over time. An analytical person may face the crunch of overdoing the analysis and perhaps looking at each individual simply as a number. There are crusaders who are extremely passionate about the corporate strategy they develop. However, this excess passion can lead to an unscientific manner of talent recruitment, retention and development. Steve Jobs is an example of a driver as he was not just a visionary but an executioner of his ideas. Such types never see themselves as entrepreneurs but as part of a whole. Another type are the captains. They like to lead teams by speaking as oneself being part of the team rather than as a figurehead. They are often known to be indecisive.


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