The head of Deloitte’s management consulting wing in the USA, authoritatively claims that most of the present existing jobs will go for a major redesign over the next few years. Robots will impact the work of routine workers as well as those more high-end such as doctors or top journalists. However, the same head also warns against panicking, but instead prepare for the upcoming transition. For this, an understanding of the technologies is a must. In order to stay relevant at work, humans must learn to work alongside robots, automation tools and AI. There is a bright side to it, as automation will allow businesses to lower the cost of production and thus enable higher savings. A clear example of this is the onslaught of ATMs which enabled banks to open more branches and thus increase recruitment. Structural changes must emanate from the top leadership. Roles may get diversified and new talent-fits devised to keep pace with the changes. The entire corporate structure must get redesigned accordingly. The imperative lies with individuals too as they need to prepare for the oncoming transition, by constantly learning and developing.


Uploaded Date:01 June 2018

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