An online travel agency e-Dreams has recently concluded a marketing research assignment to understand how music plays a key role in choosing holiday destinations. This is especially important for young travelers between the ages of twenty and thirty-nine as a little over a fourth have confirmed that they choose their next destinations based on their choice of music. A lot of people travel for their favourite music shows such as at Lollapalooza, Coachella or Glastonbury. Portuguese travelers are the most ardent followers of their favourite artistes with two-fifths of them ready to go the length just to follow them. Spanish, German and French travelers are next in line. Americans and Italians most look forward to traveling for music fests. Among music genres, Americans most prefer Jazz, while Swedes do country music. Portuguese travelers are most fond of Brazil’s samba and Germans reggae. Sadly, few do prior research before arrival on local music stars.


Uploaded Date:19 June 2018

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