In today’s world of constant connection and large networks, it is getting increasingly difficult to focus on any particular task. Professionals are now constantly bombarded with text messages, alerts and other prompts. In addition, one also tends to focus on others’ work. This is how we lose focus so some methods have been uncovered which can help bring it back. First of all, one must acknowledge the dangers of multitasking. A study was conducted on this by an emotional training outfit Search Inside called Yourself Leadership Training Institute. The CEO of this firm provides vital business intelligence that the brain network usually works under the Default Mode Network, which helps analyse the past and plan for future. But during focus periods, the brain switches to the Direct Attention Network. With each distraction, the brain is back to the default mode, from which recovery can take up to eighteen minutes. Professionals must also work to remain in control of the situation, even after allowing for the usual emotional responses. One must abide by the personal values set. Attention needs to be gathered away from distracting tools such as social media. Some boundaries need to be put up consciously in one’s personal life too. One must also be careful about interactions and the people concerned. This includes work colleagues, as they can be the support at times of emotional distress. Crucially, one must ensure physical fitness as the body and mind work in tandem.


Uploaded Date: 18 January 2018

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