Some customer experience lessons have emerged out of Tesla’s dealings. The first obvious point in relation with the automobile company, is that loyal customers are naturally forged thanks to a good experience. The brand concerned needs to own the entire customer experience, across crucial touch points. Whatever the process, one must not forget the pulse behind the end goal and mission. The entire customer journey needs to be designed with care. This will enable the brand to gauge authentic business intelligence on how it is perceived, so can take adequate corrective steps. Honesty and transparency need to be displayed in regal colours. This experience is perhaps even more important than the final product on offer. The entire communication from the brand, especially through its digital marketing channels, need to be consistent. Customers must view the brand as accessible. Digital has to be the way forward. This even includes self- service options, something that the younger generations are very keen on.


Uploaded Date:16 February 2019

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