Communicating change or business transformation is a very tricky task. While there are clear norms to be followed known to everyone, like losing weight people do not always apply the right techniques. In order to communicate such transformation, certain maxims ought to be followed, starting with very specific measurable information devoid of ambiguity. The reasons ought to be explained to the people. The leadership must ensure consistency in delivery of communications so that people eventually get it. A visual demonstration will work best. The corporate communication aimed must be both-sided with scope for feedback. The major focus of this communication must be towards the front-line leaders as they are the ones who will first interact with the final customers in view of the new philosophy. Companies good at talent management such as P&G will always support the people in such new initiatives. During further communication, the leadership must stress on the gains made thus far. Email must not be the only source of information dispersal. This information flow needs to be formalized within a process. Whatever changes aimed, the leaders must walk the talk themselves by implementing it in their work lives.


Uploaded Date:19 February 2018

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