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There are situations when companies fall in to the trap of a toxic work culture. This is one of the biggest talent management challenges companies face. A dilemma that often creeps up is whether to try and fix it or to simply start firing the people to make a point. The second option definitely has some advantages if the trouble makers are rightly identified and removed. However, the first option if successfully implemented can be even better, more holistic. It will create a long-term viable working condition which will help in future hiring decisions too with positive effects on the productivity.


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A study conducted by the Katzenbach Center has outlined ten principles which need to be followed to ensure change management has been well implemented. First of all, proper talent management systems must be in place so that the company culture may be fortified through proactive changes. All transformations to be made need to be started off from the very top, so that these aspects can be ticked off within the broader corporate strategy itself. Each layer of the organizational hierarchy needs to be made use of. Business decisions ought to be a factor of emotional and rational aspects. Instead simply thinking new, the leaders needs to act accordingly. Constant engagement has to be practised with all key stakeholders such as employees and customers. The leadership style must not be confined to the core areas alone but must take into considerations, other broader cases. Formal and informal networks need to be leveraged to arrive at solutions. Finally, here needs to be deep analysis from where deviations rectified, and newer norms adapted in.


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There has long been debate whether companies must enforce rules or build in values. Key talent management advocates vouch for the latter. Values are after-all in built and are about the right thing. Rules can never be fully enforced. They are also often seen as arbitrary and quickly get outdated. An example of this can be cited from a most unusual source during the Holocaust in Europe. The non-Jews most responsible for rescue of Jews always tended to cite their behaviour on their parents’ explanations from childhood. Acceleration Partners is one company that has wholeheartedly taken in this view and so has drafted core values based around behavioral patterns. This has helped them right from talent recruitment to drafting their strategy.


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The mentor-protégé relationship is one of the most special and talked of in business circles. The right coaching skills not only help the mentee, but even the mentor feels uplifted by the entire process. To get the best out of these systems, a few steps need to be put in place, beginning with creating a penalty-free environment. Employees must not hesitate in taking innovative risks. All members in the team must be brought onside to commit towards overall team goals. At times, a role reversal could work wonders, with the protégé instead performing reverse-mentoring. A mentor’s job is not to fix each and every tiny flaw in the system. Instead it is to ensure that the mentees perform well towards the bigger picture of the corporate strategy. Learning opportunities must be grasped whenever they arise on the job. One mustn’t instead wait for formal management training exercises.


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