A detailed study conducted by the Forbes Coaches Council has recently highlighted some key employee benefits by which companies are boosting engagement and productivity. One thing which in particular the millennials appreciate is flexible work schedules. As employees these days are pressed for time but keen to maintain fitness, such fitness programmes on-site can be really beneficial. Along with this, healthy food must be accessible at the workplace. Corporate training programmes must explore the opportunities to conduct sessions on mindfulness and emotional intelligence. Financial education needs to be built in among employees. Special guidance must be provided to newly minted parents or those who are balancing the same while working. Similar form of retirement coaching also needs to be built in to face the myriad challenges. There should even be designated spaces where employees could simply take power naps or snooze breaks. Occasionally to stimulate creativity, flash walks may be initiated. A culture of gratitude where people’s efforts are acknowledged needs to be put in place. Employees must feel a sense of purpose to their work and their contributions ought to be accorded the due importance. As yearly rewards, incentive based trips ought to be offered.


Uploaded Date:10 July 2017

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