A recent survey done by the Georgetown University established respect to the be the single most important attribute employees seek from their firms. Yet, that is not always forthcoming. Leaders too do not seem to fully comprehend what exactly workplace respect is all about. That is why companies fall short in spite of genuinely well-intentioned efforts. There are two forms of workplace respect- owed and earned. Owed is attributed equally to all, while earned differs from one to another employee depending on their performance, or behaviours demonstrated. Respect is something not always sought after, but when missing it can lead to loss in productivity as employees keep ruminating over this aspect. Respect also helps in employees developing their identities. In order to close this gap and ensure increased mutual respect, certain steps have been identified. For a start, a baseline needs to be established for owed respect which will be minimum and common for all. Specific corporate training programmes must be organized to educate employees and team leaders about the right manner of conveying respect. Such sessions must also let leaders know of seemingly proactive practices which may instead backfire. One must realize that respect causes positive ripple effects. The earned respect to be conveyed must be customized for each employee and level. Respect is infinite, so it must be seen not as a time-waste, but one that saves time.


Uploaded Date:21 July 2018

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