Social media is well known to be amongst the best modes for executing digital marketing. It works best when combined with emails. Such a combination serves three purposes which can popularly be termed as the three Cs of social media marketing. The first C stands for Content. The content to be disbursed on social media must be welcoming to new prospects and be familiar with existing customer base. More interesting content helps hook possible new leads and convert them further. Postcard mailers are a particular way of driving traffic towards company handles on social media. The second C stands for Connecting. Social media platforms such as Facebook which has more than a billion users, are so popular because they enable connections to be forged among people. Thus marketers must extract real time business intelligence from social networks. The desired information would be on click-through rates, topics that most interested readers and demographics on readers. The final C stands for Conversions. While viewership is important, ultimately any campaign is measured by the conversions generated. Social media provides an ideal market place such as Twitter, Facebook, Google and Pinterest. Investments must be made in stimulating social comment, shareable images, video snippets and engaging content. Social media is also highly scalable. The impact can be further heightened by aligning with print media campaign.


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