Workplace diversity is a matter of much debate today. A survey was conducted on corporate managers in Spain to deduce the same, and it was realized that depending on whowas questioned, the term diversity usually referred to one of three. The first one is demographic which includes race, gender and sexual orientation. Then there is experiential diversity which tracks the affinities, abilities and hobbies. And finally, there is cognitive which studies the way people approach problems and try to solve them. All these three types determine identities. To manage identities of origin, proactive companies have increasingly resorted to corporate training session to overcome any hindrances at workplace. For the second type – identities of growth- the best strategy is to just let it be, with minimum intervention. Managing identities of aspiration is often the toughest within the art of talent management. Best way to deal with this is to create projects for different sets of people. Sodexo and Valve are examples of organizations that got this diversity balancing act correct.


Uploaded Date:01 June 2018

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