Date : 4th Sep 2012

Seminar on “Social Project”

IMAG0112 Location: Skyline Business School, Delhi Campus.


Speaker: Mr. Sumeet Jhamb


Mr. Sumeet Jhamb began the lecture by giving a brief on why a management student needs to inculcate ideas about social welfare as part of their education. He said that presently there are very few professionally run organizations in the social sector & thus there is a great demand for management graduates to contribute to the same. The social sector has so far concentrated most of its resources & energy towards the rural areas where the demand is highest.


NGOPs in particular have been most involved in this sector but there are other major players. As part of corporate social responsibility, many companies have contributed time & resources towards the same. There have also been government initiatives. In addition there have been some Public-Private-Partnerships (PPPs) where there has been joint funding from private companies & the government.


Students next asked the speaker as to why there was such a great requirement of organizations in the nascent sector. Mr. Jhamb gave a few reasons for the proliferation in the same. People get older, contact diseases & new technologies render many skills irrelevant leading to disruption in life. Social sector can further be divided into sub-components like- environment, community care, system reform etc. Students now wanted to know how they can contribute positively in the sector. For that, the speaker gave students a list of organizations which will are in requirement of students for the same. The examples he gave included- PRIA, Pradhan, Oxfam India, Action Aid India, Aga Khan Foundation, Care India, Help Age India, Grameen Foundation etc.


Compiled by – Aritro Dasgupta with assistance from Stephanie Wuttke (BBA L1 S1)

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