A few trends have been identified which will be hot in 2019 for the field of digital marketing. The first of them will be the deployment in greater numbers of snack ads. While video has been ruling the roost for a while now over written content, it has also been realized that excess of video is also affecting the already low spans of attention, and the related purchase interest. These snack ads as the name suggests, are those filling enough to garner attention, but not too long to defer the main course. Another trend will be the rise of video searches, which experts say could take up about a third of total search quantum this year. Another will be the use of Augmented Reality (AR) as IKEA is already doing, plus also some Virtual Reality (VR). The concept of micro- moments will also see a rise in importance. On average, users these days are spending about two to three hours per day on their mobile phones. During this period, they are also absorbing enormous amounts of content. Brands will have to position themselves in a way during this journey to pose relevance to the user. The convincing will have to be done in a mere few seconds’ window.


Uploaded Date:03 December 2018

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