At the start of each year, there is a sudden flurry for registrations on online learning platforms. This is due to new year resolutions and observing others score well in the year gone by. Unfortunately for most, the interest soon fizzles out, with dropout rates as high as forty to eighty percent, according to studies. The ones who do not drop out though stand to benefit. Some habits have been identified which can lead to improved learnability developing. One is to focus on emerging skills. Instead of doing a random Google search, one can instead check out latest talent recruitment trends. Then one ought to network with LinkedIn connections who have the jobs desired to see what they did differently. In the present era, management training has left its formal domain, to become synchronous with lifestyle demands. One can use these learning tools anytime anywhere. One limitation of this is a lack of competition due to limited contact. So, a “synchronous cohort” of similar people ought to be identified and worked with. The skills learnt, must immediately be put to the test through real-world execution. A benchmark must be set to measure oneself against.


Uploaded Date:17 February 2018

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