The most successful of business leaders often have outrageous ideas which they put to success. Some lessons have been curated from top business leaders’ experiences. The CEO of Zappos, Tony Hsieh always believed in creating something he felt passionate about. Entrepreneurs he feels must always start something due to the sheer joy it brings to them, not for the money on offer. Kevin Harrington is a veteran at product launches and almost single-handedly crafted the “infomercial” segment. He feels that management training is a constantly evolving activity and a not a one time. No entrepreneur must ever feel that he/she knows everything connected to the business. A former sports champion, Bas Rutten feels that lots of parallels exist between entrepreneurship and sports. One such is the constant skill upgradation that requires many long hours of honing. Rutten feels, any aspiring entrepreneur must dedicate the time, results will automatically flow in. Robert Greene, a best-selling author warns that success too early on in life is dangerous as that cocoons the bearers who now lose all ambition. Instead of success, youngsters must focus on building their skill levels.


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