Some reasons have been found out which impact adversely on the motivational levels of previously productive employees. One such trap is when a mismatch in values. Companies that have the right talent management systems, will ensure that these employees get a connect to their tasks. A lack of self- efficacy is a second such reason. Corporate training sessions should be held to help these employees build more confidence in themselves. Sometimes emotions can play too strong a part, by not allowing them the calmness required to execute a task. Active listening is the best way to help such causes. These employees must get the feeling that they can vent out their thoughts without fear of being reprimanded. And lastly, there may even be attribution errors. This is when employees fail to gauge what went wrong in any assignment, but this thought keeps them ticking over. These situations require a distraction, which can best be brought out by engaging them with the cause of their struggles.


Uploaded Date:26 June 2019

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