The phenomenon known as Silver Tsunami is soon set to hit the US with a fourth of the workforce aged above fifty years by 2020. This will create a certain shortage in talent, but will probably be made up for using new technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR)There are several ways in which AR is aiding corporate training in a big way. One of them is that it provides real-time information using chunks of data captured during the process. Employees will also get a virtual presence especially for skilled task training. One such example is the See-What-I-See (SWIS) glasses. This will further reduce cost and enable employees to share their expertise across time and space. AR is already helping a lot in talent management and retention as existing skill sets of employees can be captured so that there is no loss in expertise with the retirement of few key personnel. The learning experience traditionally derived from specific devices at certain platforms. Now AR is allowing learning to be imparted at any geographical location using any conventional device such as smartphones or tablets.


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