Gone are the days when one’s degrees would hold true for an entire career. Now the knowledge gained through degrees gets ripped off every few years due to the constant churn in technological prowess. Skills get redundant and newer ones are created overnight with massive demand. Thus, as CEB puts it, the best of organizations these days are the ones that inculcate a habit of continuous learning. Some recommendations have been put forth to ensure this happening, starting with a reward system for those employees willing to take up continuous learning. A one-off corporate training session will not do, but the insights gained form it need to be implemented at work and continuously improvised with change in situations. A proper feedback loop needs to be established where employees get meaningful insights on their work. The top team needs to lead by example by themselves enrolling in courses or showing a desire to learn newer arts and skills. The talent recruitment also needs to be tweaked along such lines. Companies must hire people who show signs of inquisitiveness and learnability.


Uploaded Date:21 July 2018

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