Customer Experience (CX) is now seen as the differentiating factor for several service- oriented industries. Some leaders of the CX space, have shared their views on what will keep this field ticking in 2019. The President of Customer Bliss exclaims that the quality of leadership will make a massive dent on the CX this year, as they will need to be at the forefront of changing the company’s culture towards a more customer- first attitude. The author of “Customer What?” feels that brands will need to actively understand the entire Customer Journey Management. Once the customer journey gets well- mapped, the brand will be able to eke out authentic business intelligence, and respond accordingly. Another author, who has written The Convenience Revolution says that the one thing CX leaders really want to hear in 2019, is how easy the brand is to work with for the customer. The writer of More is More wishes to see more of personalized experiences being broadcast. Showcasing more of this will do wonders for the brand’s digital marketing footprint. And to top it all, the Founder of Convince & Convert, wants all key players this year, to adopt just one practice which they feel can be done better. This one practice alone can carry a brand’s CX from the level of mediocre to magnificent.


Uploaded Date:18 February 2019

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