Developing a company-wide growth mindset is top priority now for HR teams across organizations. Due to the rapidly changing work environment, a growth mindset is essential, yet this term is not well understood by Most. It is often misunderstood or even misused by employees and leaders alike. Myths abound around this term, starting with a view that growth mindset is about business growth. Another such myth is it is businesses who need to have this mindset, and not individuals. Teams unprepared on talent management essentials, wrongly feel that growth mindset is infinite, whereas in truth everything has its limits. It is also something which cannot be defined easily on binary terms. There are possibilities beyond and between yes and no. Growth mindset does not necessarily imply that employees must remain positive throughout. Instead it can be entrusted through formal management training sessions. It is ultimately about skills and abilities to be improved.


Uploaded Date:28 July 2018

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