Companies across the board seem to be struggling with their workplace diversity goals. This is particularly true for the STEM fields where only about a fourth of employees tend to be women, and even lesser proportion Hispanic. A management training programme aimed at fostering workplace diversity was developed by a group of researchers from UCAR and NCAR. The programme helps build inclusive teams, identify practices that promote positive workplace culture and stimulate diversity-related discussions. Five key practices emerged that must be replicated to ensure future success of such related programmes. The major focus must not just be on reducing bias, but on positive intervention. Similarly, focus must remain on workplace-related and not personal issues. Employees below the managerial ranks must also be invited for these so that such diversity-inducing views spread wide. There must be continuous conversation so that some segments remain accountable. Flexibility will be needed in content as well as delivery. One needs to steer clear of instances which could lead to reverse-racism of sorts.


Uploaded Date: 05 June 2018

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