The mentor-protégé relationship is one of the most special and talked of in business circles. The right coaching skills not only help the mentee, but even the mentor feels uplifted by the entire process. To get the best out of these systems, a few steps need to be put in place, beginning with creating a penalty-free environment. Employees must not hesitate in taking innovative risks. All members in the team must be brought onside to commit towards overall team goals. At times, a role reversal could work wonders, with the protégé instead performing reverse-mentoring. A mentor’s job is not to fix each and every tiny flaw in the system. Instead it is to ensure that the mentees perform well towards the bigger picture of the corporate strategy. Learning opportunities must be grasped whenever they arise on the job. One mustn’t instead wait for formal management training exercises.


Uploaded Date:09 August 2018

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