A study commissioned has released a set of interesting statistics on digital marketing trends for this year. These trends may further be divided into email marketing, Omni-channel marketing, digital advertising, social media marketing and mobile marketing. For emails, it was realized that it had a six times greater click-through rate than tweets. Transactional mails meanwhile have eight time greater opens and six times great revenue. The open rate for personalized mails was greater by about five percent than those without. In order to engage customers who abandoned shopping carts, its best to send them multiple emails. Marketing research conducted by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) claims that the ROI for emails was four times higher than any other method. Also more than eighty six percent of businesses confirmed a willingness to raise email marketing budgets. Omnichannel shoppers provide a third greater lifetime value than others using a single channel only. As per Visual Capitalist, the two giants of media sites are Facebook and Google with a combined share of over fifty seven percent. Native adds boost conversion by a factor of about three-fifths. Marketing Sherpa confirms that adults aged between 18 and 34 tend to follow brands on various social media handles. However, most do not follow brand owned profiles. Mobile video traffic will increase by about three-fourths as per Cisco. Mobile email opens have increased by almost a triple since 2014. Even the conversion rates from smartphones can now nearly match desktop rates.


Uploaded Date:29/06/2017

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