Some strategies work better than others when it comes to either innovating new business models or fending off such possible disruptions. Three each of offensive and defensive strategies have been identified which will ensure that digital marketing thrives. The first such offensive strategy is platform play. This implies that common platforms need to be leveraged to enhance the value distributed via a value chain such as what Accord does. At geographical locations where an incumbent firm cannot reach, it may seek to combine with another to provide new marginal supply as done by Swedish retailers such as Ikea and H&M. Products disbursed must include digitally enabled services such as P&G’s Bluetooth empowered Oral-B toothbrush. A defensive strategy is re-bundling the existing product and service lines to customize towards the specific customer requirement. Well thought-out investment must be made in digital distribution channels. Significantly, companies must keep track of the cost efficiency involved.


Uploaded Date:16 August 2017

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