Unfortunately for professionals, several instances have been noted when their employers, do not seem to care for their career development. Such companies do not conduct adequate or appropriate corporate training workshops. At such situations, the employees will themselves need to assert complete control. The first thing they can do is understand what parameters are they being judged upon. This will help them focus their developmental activities on those areas specifically. One also needs to identify his/ her blind spots. These need to be resolved quick. Whatever one learns, one needs to chronicle them, to maintain records, else may forget later on. The professionals will somehow need to work on increasing their visibility with the top management and the C- Suite of the company. Any one area needs to be adopted, where one has to work towards expertise. One must select an area where much focus is expected to be put on in the near future. Even if not directly provided by the organization, employees need to be vigilant to take in mentoring and counselling regarding their work and progress. Peers could be one way to find out from.


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