HR professionals are now amongst the busiest and often overworked employees. Burnout is a common syndrome afflicting them. Job pressure is in fact the top cause of stress among American adults as per Statistic Brain. Before one actually gets formally afflicted with HR related burnout, there are certain visible signals. They are mood swings, irritability, working over weekends, decline in work quality, regularly working overtime, lowered social interactions, fatigue, disengagement, enhanced sensitivity and increase in the logging of sick days. Employers and top executives must take care to avoid such burnout through certain universally accepted measures. Stress education needs to be inculcated as part of corporate training programmes to help employees cope up. This will also address workplace wellness. Employees must be encouraged to frequently take up breaks. Bosses must also check in with the employees frequently to detect signs of such impending unease. Another innovative method for helping employees cope is to enable them to cross-train with people from different departments. Flexible schedules always help. When employees or teams perform well, a nod of appreciation must be handed over to them. Crucially, the business leaders must practice what they preach. They must lead by example as this motivates employees to overcome their stress factors.


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