At present, the number of people using Snapchat, while growing, is dwarfed by similar figures for Facebook and Instagram. Snapchat also shows the greatest of age-wise disparity among the major social media platforms, as its usage is clearly higher among young adults and those below thirty years of age. As per marketing research conducted by the Morning Consult, Facebook users number just short of a billion and a half, while Instagram which is also now owned by Facebook stands at five-hundred million daily active users. But there is nothing to despair for Snapchat, because it is by far the newest of the lot, and only went public in 2016. On the contrary, Snapchat has seen the highest rise, pegged at double digits. In a bid towards expansion, Snap must not make the mistake of purely adding numbers. The exclusivity is exactly what gives Snapchat is unique allure. The same study by Morning Consult, shows how Facebook is by far the largest tool for maintaining friendships, relations, business contacts or for following brands. Snapchat fares poorly in the last two, but better in the former, quite the opposite if Twitter or LinkedIn. Brands still find Facebook as the best medium for digital marketing due to its vast reach across age groups, but Snapchat appeals to those under the age of thirty, so being increasingly tapped into.


Uploaded Date:12 March 2018

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