Providing feedback to team members is one of the most important tasks for managers, yet often ignored. This is because of more pressing deadlines and the fact that providing feedback is often an awkward experience. That is why a lot of employees across organizations face this situation of never getting authentic feedback except during the annual one-off performance appraisal. To plug this gap, tech giant Adobe has developed this system of check-ins in place of the appraisal. Such check-ins comprise providing inputs on three broad spectrums that determine the quality of work done. The first one is Expectations which determines how well the employee has performed against the targets set. Then there is Feedback which is an evaluation of ongoing work and the way the said employee is viewed in the organization. The third is about Growth and Development. This tracks the level of growth that has been attributed to the employee. Gaps are identified for specific management training programmes to be assigned to the person or team concerned.


Uploaded Date:28 July 2017

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