The agile philosophy of management emerged in the early years of this century in the software industry. It emerged as a counter-point to the then-dominant hierarchical model dominated by the Board and CEO. Such a model was entirely driven by the corporate strategy drafted from the very top, with its sole mission being to maximize returns for the shareholders alone. However, this strategy soon ran its course, as it was realized that such an approach hindered other key aspects of the business such as innovation and research. Being customer-centric is a key dogma of the evolved agile method that has now come to dominate. It is a term being used liberally across management training sessions for the top leadership. And that is why Boards and CEOs will have a rough time as increasingly people are challenging their complete authority. To cite an example, the CEO tenure length is gradually reducing. Under such circumstances, directors need to play a cautious game, without giving in liberally to any stakeholder group.


Uploaded Date:01 September 2018

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