While Artificial Intelligence (AI) already has a massive footprint in several tech-based and routine jobs, its role in the creative functions was disputed, in fact derided by industry experts. But now that perception could change thanks to changes such as the “Daddy’s Car” pop song in Japan where AI composed the harmony and melody. The human merely mixed the song plus wrote down the lyrics. Even film studios are using business analytics to shape their marketing campaigns suing real-time feedback. A Creative Intelligence Matrix has been created by PwC’s analytics research wing. On the Y-axis, are the factors- consumer innovation and workflow optimization. On the X-axis, there are two factors- fully automated and human works with AI. The first quadrant is fully automated consumer innovation. This includes AI generated music, Facebook timeline movie maker, Google Photos movie assistant and face recognition. The next one with high customer innovation but human involvement in the AI tracks athletic performance, allows for content curation through Spotify and works with digital assistants such as Alexa. The third quadrant is Freedom from Repetitive Tasks. This is ideal for digital marketing as it includes sports summaries, credit control, content editing, customer service process automation, newsletter curation, content tagging and film scoring. The final quadrant deals with better and more creative decisions being taken.


Uploaded Date:18 August 2018

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