When legendary mathematician Alan Turing, fresh from his World War II success of decoding the German Enigma first devised the Turing Test, it was barely conceivable that a machine could outwit a human’s intelligence. Now not only are machines regularly passing such tests, they are actually being seen as a threat to human employment. However, this grave fear need not be so as shown through the Century Link example. As one of the largest telecommunications firms in the US, Century Link has for long been in the business of transferring sales leads to clients from various sources. This year they invested in an Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled tool called Conversica. It uses a virtual assistant Angie to scan through 30000 plus emails in a day and provide business intelligence on the sales leads after interpreting those mails. It was found out that Angie could interpret 99% of those emails without human assistance and there was a twenty times revenue generation per dollar spent on the tool. Similarly Epson America was getting a large number of leads from numerous sources but started using AI to streamline the entire digital marketing process and empower the sales team with more qualitative leads. Wentworth and Rapid Miner are two other companies with similar roaring success in using AI.


Uploaded Date:10 July 2017

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