HR has not historically been known for nurturing the most cutting- edge of technologies. Yet, a massive opportunity presents itself now in the form of Artificial Intelligence (AI). As the workforce enters the year 2020, there are a few trends that are already being identified, taking place in HR, as a result of AI’s intrusion. For a start, in the field of talent recruitment, AI combined with human intelligence, is bringing about an enhancement to the candidate’s experience. Skills that are uniquely human, such as emotional intelligence and technology design will prosper, as per the World Economic Forum (WEF). Newer jobs will be created where AI will be used, as already there are so many that didn’t exist barely a decade back. The AI ready workforce will also prove to be crucial to any organization’s future. Hiring will depend a lot on the skills available, rather than mere qualifications. Corporate training is already being transformed due to the deployment of Virtual Reality (VR). Beyond money, a lot of workers will seek meaning at work.


Uploaded Date:11 September 2019

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