Direct marketers generally tend to wrongly perceive brand marketing as easier. This is partly because the latter group has all these years been primary been focusing on the ‘who’ of marketing while completely ignoring the ‘where’ and ‘when’. Their conversations have revolved around audience demographics, brand personas, psychographic or consumer lifestyle segmentations. But this needs to give way due to the highly competitive and dynamic nature of today’s marketing. An example can be cited from video sharing giant YouTube. This platform was being used for digital marketing purpose but instead backfired as a lot of company ads were placed next to adult videos. Thus a faulty implementation of ‘where’ led to massive brand erosion for many. Placing ads at wrong times of the day have equally hurt brand reputations. ‘Where’ can relate to adjacency, geography or view-ability all of which need to be factored in.


Uploaded Date: 18th May 2017

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