Some strategies have been identified which can best help augment the existing digital marketing strategies. First of all, any marketing activity now needs to be focused with the mobile phone as a central device. This is because as Pew Research confirms, youngsters are most likely to make their purchase decisions using their mobile phones. Similarly, social media is where millennials are spending a lot of time and getting influenced by. The mobile phone and social media actually work in tandem. A lot of focus has to be put on the data warehousing. This entails not merely the collection, but also the periodic review on what kind of data and what sources are reliable.The use of analytics will help pinpoint the exact data. Marketers must understand the conversion rates from various campaigns. This way they will be able to optimize their activities. Marketers must understand that content holds sway today more than ever before. Instead of being merely flashy, the content needs to be user-oriented.


Uploaded Date:10 November 2018


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