It has been some time now that Augmented Reality (AR) has reigned supreme over the related Virtual Reality (VR). Both of these may be categorized under mixed reality. The former has even had success on the consumer market through Pokémon Go, but it is business that the difference is stark. In corporate training and for remote work, AR reigns supreme. This is one reason why AR found market acceptability quicker as it tied up with business requirements, rather than VR’s more consumer-focused approach. Google’s disastrous Google Glass innovation hampered AR’s image for a while, but could not destroy the segment enough. The initial champions for VR and AR were Facebook’s Oculus and Microsoft’s Hololens respectively. The latter had a far better price-to-quality ratio, due to the proper research that happened pre-launch. Content wise also Microsoft’s Hololens has performed better as they started off with a very specific set of duties with the Mars exploration project.


Uploaded Date:06 November 2018

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