Traditionally business leaders such as CEOs would approach corporate training consultants with the hope of increasing employee engagement. Yet not the move is greater demand from CEOs is for trainers to help them in their personal lives. CEOs typically these days face a plethora of challenges. Technology induced innovations are disrupting their business models, all forms of stakeholders are now more vocal than ever before thanks to social media and talent management of the millennial generation itself is a huge challenge as they expect flexibility at work which they want to pursue to values beyond mere profitability. In such an environment, some qualities are particularly needed. They are tenacity, boldness, honesty, self-control, confidence, pragmatism, decisiveness and a focus on results. The opposite of these qualities such as impulsiveness, laziness, aimlessness, deceitfulness, insecurity, impracticality, hesitancy and wishy-washiness. on the other hand will backfire. These same qualities however, used in excessive dozes can prove to be equally harmful such as rigidity, ruthlessness, recklessness, arrogance, unimaginativeness, cruelty, narrowness and dogmatism. Finally, these strengths can even prove to be successes when positively used in opposite manner. These were spontaneity, acceptance, compassion, humility, patience, imaginativeness, reflectiveness and open-mindedness.


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