The best business books of the year 2019 have now been identified by a select group of experts. The first such list has been presented for the areas of corporate strategy. One book that makes this list is Creative Construction: The DNA of Sustained Innovation, written by Gary Pisano. Another is Seeing Around Corners: How to Spot Inflection Points in Business before they Happen. This one has been penned in by Rita McGrath, who speaks about how business trends do not emerge overnight, but can be traced to earlier developments. Th surge in the sales of hearing aids, or the preeminence of digital marketing are two such examples. The third one is Connected Strategy: Building continuous Customer Relationships for Competitive Advantage. This one has been co- authored by Christian Terwiesch and Nicolaj Siggelkow. All three of these books bring distinct and unique ways to strategize in business.


Uploaded Date: 14th December 2019

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