Brands doing well today are placing the mobile phone at the centre of their marketing strategy. This is because the millennial generation has a very different definition of product research, doing most of it using around a whopping two hundred interactions with the phone daily. The automobile industry for example has been revolutionized by Uber which has maximized car rides rather than cars parked. MaaS Global from Helsinki in Finland has also created solutions for people to reach destinations using any mode they prefer. The beauty industry has undergone tremendous change with TV ads no longer as relevant as millennials follow YouTube stars more than television or cinema ones. Thus Clinique adopted a pure digital marketing strategy involving Swedish YouTube star Zara Larsson over the campaign Play With Pop to create an online ‘beauty corner’. Nike has always highlighted how anyone can be an athlete. For a much smaller brand in Under Armour, the challenge was multifold. So they acquired My Fitness Pal which calculates calories consumed and engages in weight management. In this way Under Armour was able to interact multiple times with consumers on a daily basis. This was further compounded after their partnership with cloud based platform for wellness- Mind Body. For similar engagement, Starbucks has initiated Mobile Order and Pay. Part of the reason for their success was a CEO recruited from the software industry who had the foresight to initiate such a mobile first strategy.


Uploaded Date:10 July 2017

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