The great Italian sculptor Michelangelo used to consider that art already exists within stone, a sculptor merely had to fashion it to release its inherent beauty. Mentorship at work mirrors the Michelangelo phenomenon by reinforcing existing qualities in a person so as to best reflect at work. This plays out at both formal corporate training sessions as well as the individualized mentorship. A true mentor releases two kings of affirmations within an employee. The first is perceptual affirmation which implies that the mentor allows a vent to speak out to, so is a good listener. The other is called behavioral affirmation which enables mentees to connect with their real selves and get enriched. A true test of a professional’s talent management abilities comes when he/she needs to mentor someone from the opposite gender. This typically plays out with a male mentor and a female mentee because even now there are more men at senior positions at organizations. Women do face greater obstacles in getting true mentors, but studies suggest that it is nonetheless possible. A lot of potential mentors fail as they inadvertently end up trying to clone their mentees.


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