Though most companies are generally quite measured about their investments, somehow this concern goes out of the window when it comes to corporate trainings. At a recent survey, it was concluded that over half the companies feel that excess money has been spent on trainings and little evaluation done on measuring the benefits. Most cannot calculate the tangible results of such exercises. The problems are most acutely felt at the entry level where attrition levels are generally high and thus not much time elapses post the training period. One reason for this is that most organizations are not proactively collecting data on employees’ individual business performances. Similar is the case with employee turnover. A non-profit firm Generation created by McKinsey has broken this code by establishing standards to measure employees or volunteers across parameters such as productivity, quality, retention, promotion speed and savings in talent recruitment. This raises the overall value of training to both the internal management as well as the trainees themselves.


Uploaded Date:05/07/2017

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