With so many companies now worldwide attempting their digital transformation, it is time, that a proper playbook emerged on how it ought to be led. A few steps have been identified to effect this change. The first step is the moment to Aspire. Here, a compelling, long- term corporate strategy is designed. One needs to guard against any inherent biases at this stage. The next is the stage to Assess, where a thorough analysis is conducted to forecast the skill demand. One also needs to now understand the dynamics between the skills and their supply dynamics. The level of Architect is now reached at the third stage. Here, a portfolio of initiatives is defined, while the existing resources are reallocated. The fourth stage is where one gets to Act. A strong governance structure has then to be established. Social contracts are leveraged. For digital marketing purposes, influencers are mobilized. This ensures two- way communication between the brand and its audience. The last stage is to Advance. Now, knowledge sharing is institutionalized. The existing talent is now matched with the roles in demand.


Uploaded Date:16 August 2019

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